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Hope Not Hate's Leftist Snobs: Live on Facebook

First posted: 9th May, 2013

There's group of Hope Not Hate enablers of Islam who're permanently on a Facebook page called ‘We Know HowYou Feel About Your So-Called Prophet’. (They also “struggle” against “Islamophobia”, “fascism” and “racism” on many other FB pages too; as well as contributing to Hope Not Hate’s website and EDL News.)
One Hope Not Hate Crew member is Gilly Levett-Carpenter (right). She’s another outright middle-class (possibly upper-middle-class) Leftist snob (like Gary Hastings – or Alan Moon) who despises the working class so much that she over-exaggerates her love for it. She is Hope Not Hate, or at least she can be found on the pages of its website; just as she can be found posting Hope Not Hate links on Facebook.
She, like Hastings, pretends it's just EDL members – as well as all the members of all patriotic groups - she thinks are crude and unsophisticated. I bet it’s actually the vast majority of the working class she despises: all except the obviously Leftist or “anti-racist” ones of course. (See the unashamed and relentless middle-class snobbery to be found on Gary, now “Gazza”, Hastings’ EDL News.)

Gilly Levett-Carpenter (the name sort of gives it away) is a product of private school. She’s also a snob who parades her qualifications at every available opportunity.

She defends Islam and Muslims no matter what. That’s her job. So, if you post something that challenges her Leftism, or her unquestioning faith in Islam’s good nature, she'll either attack you personally or indulge in snobby middle-class sarcasm. (Sometimes these people have even talked about posts being “without structure” – something their university tutors or professors probably said to them.)  Anyway, they do anything but debate politics. 
In this case, in a piece I posted which explicitly states that other people had noted the fusion of Leftism and Nazism/fascism, she commented:
“…. You haven't accidentally stumbled upon the Holy Grail or anything. It's something known and recognised for many decades.”

I didn’t say it was original. I didn’t even hint that it was the Holy Grail. As I said, the piece itself says that other people have noted the point.  In addition, vast swathes of the Left, despite what she says, do deny (outright) such connections/fusions between Leftism and Nazism.
The following is from Gilly Levett-Carpenter’s Facebook page; which I think she has now changed since I posted something about it:
Work and Education:

Roehampton University
Psychoanalytic Observational Studies • Master's Degree • London, United Kingdom
University of Sussex, UK
BSc Clinical Child Psychology • Brighton
BSc (Hons) Sociology • Sheffield
Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
MSc Socio-cognitive Symbolic Communication • London, United Kingdom
Godolphin and Latymer
This is a note on that school (not on her page):
The Godolphin and Latymer School “is an independent day school for girls in Hammersmith, West London” (left). This is the school Gilly went to. No wonder she “simply adores the working class”, as Leftists like her put it. 

Another contributor (who's not as Trotskyite as the rest, more old-school unrepentant communist) even defended Gilly’s and his own privileged backgrounds:
Peter Kalve:  “I'm still trying to work out why Daniels is attacking private school types like Gilly and I, and state school friends. What on earth is the point of all this?

“Do I think private education is wrong? Yes. Not because of the quality of education, but because of the inequality which prevents equal opportunities for all. Do I despise state education? Absolutely not. State education is fantastic and vital. It offers equal opportunities for all and is therefore superior to private education.”

Peter Kalve has benefitted from private school and its “quality of education”. And now, like Owen Jones of The Independent who went to Oxford University and now wants to abolish it, he wants to end private schools. That’s called pulling up the ladder after you have climbed it. And it’s what numerous middle-class Leftists have done over the years. Hell, many of them still send their kids to private schools and they too end up at Oxbridge (“wherever that is”).
These people want to sustain the often, though not always, substandard education of the comprehensive schools precisely so that they can keep their privileged positions and so carry on either condescending the working class; or, like Gary Fieness Hastings (Alan Moon) and Levett-Carpenter, constantly aim sarcastic and snobby remarks at them. (Unless that working-class person is a Leftist; and then he or she will be excused from such snobbery.)
Another member of The Hope Not Hate Facebook Crew is Esther Angel (left).

She responded to an image (on ‘We Know How You Feel about Your So-Called Prophet’) of Muslim women, in burkas, being led in chains. On first impression, it seemed quite disturbing. However, Esther Angel, commented in this way:

“Context, Alan? Where is this picture from? What country, etc.?”

Now after that comment, Esther and her Islam-Enabling Team (formerly the Working-Class Enabling Team) must have got to work on this image to find out what it was about. (I’m not sure how they are doing this but they are probably more people in this team that the regular contributors. Perhaps Hope Not Hate, a group whose links they often provide on the Facebook page.)

A little while later, the reality of this image had still not been passed on to her, when she commented:

“… How about which country, why are they in chains, why is the woman on the left looking so worried, what the hell is going on here? That kind of thing. Where is the report that this photo was taken from? Which credible news outlet released this photo?”

Later still, she still didn’t know:
"My point is that it is hard to state an opinion when you do not have any available information on this. Provide me that from credible sources and I will tell you what my opinion is. So far I can say the woman on the left looks very anxious, don't you think?”

And then she makes her discovery, which she didn’t even hint at earlier. In other words, what she’s about to say she had absolutely no idea about earlier. But just listen to her confident talk about the Ottoman Empire and stuff:

“From what I can find on various Arabic pages doing a reverse image search is that this is a re-enactment from the Ottoman Empire and it is theatre, not a real event.”

And then either she was fed the information, or she has done some research herself, which is commendable. She the cuts-and-pastes this:

"Play acting The Day of Ashura (Arabic: عاشوراء ʻĀshūrā’; Urdu: عاشورہ; Persian: عاشورا; Turkish: Aşure Günü) is on the 10th day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar and marks the climax of the Mourning of Muharram….”

In a certain sense, it didn’t matter if the image was false or misinterpreted because she would have still defended it in some way even if it wasn’t. That’s her job on this Facebook page. (She could be lying about this image after all. Yes, Ashura exists in Shia Islam; though was it an image from such a thing?)

Esther Angel and The Hope Not Hate Crew support Islam and Muslims no matter what. And if they support Islam and Muslims no matter what, then few people will accept what they say; even if it’s true. Especially since they support Islam/Muslims as a matter of Leftist racism: a racism that says that 

Muslims can never be criticised because that must be racism.

These people are extremist supporters of Islam and all Muslim behaviour. That support is their sole purpose for being on ‘We Know How You Feel about Your So-Called Prophet’. Their extremism displays itself by their see-no-Muslim-evil approach. If they want to kid themselves, and others, that all criticism of Islam is "racist" or "fascist", then they can keep on doing so.... though few people believe them. And perhaps they don't even believe it themselves. 

It all boils down to one thing: their fight against ostensible "racism" and “fascism”. This means that they will often talk bullshit and defend the indefensible. These people, because of their racist anti-racism (brown people can't do wrong), have defended the following things: Muslim grooming, Islamic terrorism, Muslim misogyny, Islamic imperialism, Muslim racism, Islamic fascism... and all because Muslims have brown skins and therefore must be both “oppressed” and be the eternal victims of evil white people. (Not themselves, though, they’re middle class and Leftist.)

So I wonder what they think of the 100+ passages in the Koran which explicitly sanction violent jihad. What about Islam's 1,300 year old jihad? And can they stop themselves replying: "WHATABOUT the Old Testament?"
These Facebook Leftists are consistently "lying for justice" and distorting to fight racism. That means that no matter what someone posts that is critical of Islam or Muslims, they will criticise it. (Whether Hope Not Hate has sent them to these pages I don't know.)... They will never accept any criticism of Islam because such criticisms, to them, simply must be racist or fascist. And that's why they defend the indefensible and come out with obvious bullshit... That's also partly why they engage in endless snobby sarcasm and personal attacks.

They also believe in defeating "racism", “Islamophobia” and "fascism", as the Leftist soundbite goes, "by any means necessary". So if we “Islamophobes” are so damned evil (not a word they would use), then defending the indefensible is acceptable to them.

Michele Foucault once said that Leftists/Marxists are “obliged to stand behind facts that are totally beyond credibility”. This is Leftist self-abasement and a knowing subversion of truth. It is a self-annihilation for the sake of their group/party and the fight against “Islamophobia”. It is also, in fact, the ubiquitous Leftist position of "lying for Justice".

I mentioned the two strategies of The Hope Note Hate Crew: endless snobby sarcasm and personal attacks. Look at Garry Fiennes Hastings’ EDL News. The whole thing is utterly devoted to the bad behaviour of EDL members. There's no politics there. No discussion. No analysis. Just endless snobbery against EDL supporters. But don't be fooled. Most of these middle-class Leftists also hate the working class generally. That's why, traditionally, Leftists/Marxists wanted to change the working class and to lead them towards revolution...

Left-wing or 'progressive' members of the working class are, of course, saved souls to them. They won’t be the victims of such Leftist middle-class snobbery – at least not openly.


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