Wednesday, 12 February 2014

George Galloway Defends Britain's Islamic Republic

First posted: 9th April, 2010

If there are between three and five million Muslims in the UK, and it is the duty of all Muslims to protect their faith from ‘insult’ and ‘offence’, then it is not a surprise that more than 1,000 viewers complained about the Channel 4 documentary on ‘Britain’s Islamic Republic’. In fact I am surprised there haven’t been more complaints than that. Of course many Muslims will have complained without having actually seen the documentary. After all, this is exactly what happened about the Satanic Verses and the Danish Cartoons. Most of the rioters and killers hadn’t actually read the Satanic Verses or seen the cartoons of Mohammed. Not only that, many Muslims would have still complained even if the documentary were completely truthful and factual. None of this matters when it comes to defending Islam - which is an absolute imperative for all Muslims. Galloway, the honorary Muslim and Arabophile, admitted he hadn’t seen the programme. That didn’t stop him from saying that it was ‘a dirty little programme’.

Is there a single non-Muslim and non-Trot who has even a second’s worth of time for this despicable little exhibitionist tyrant-lover? No one else outside his IslamoTrot tiny circle of friends takes him seriously anymore (if they ever did). He is an utter buffoon and an unashamed exhibitionist. He will say anything and do anything to get himself on TV. That’s why he pretends to believe in so many outrageous and absurd things – all before breakfast. It is only the absurd and the extreme which will guarantee him a slot on TV and keep his tacky little Respect career afloat. Aren’t his supporters not even a tiny bit embarrassed by this master-fool? Unless all of his supporters are deranged IslamoTrots. And nothing is too foolish and absurd for them. They thrive off such things.

So it is not a surprise that a tyrant-lover like Galloway is trying his very best to stop, completely, all and any criticism of Islam and Muslims. If the Islamists see him doing such things, he will be rewarded, both financially and politically. And he has always made a fast buck out of supporting killers and lunatics, hasn’t he?

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