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Gary Fieness Hastings and His Snob-Rag: EDL News

First posted: 12th May, 2013

… or of Gary Hastings (“Alan Moon”, “Gazza Hastings”, “Gary Fieness Hastings”, etc.).

Karl Marx was a snob.
He’d describe the proletariat as a “sack of potatoes”.

 He himself lived in the West End, off the proceeds of gambling on the London stock market.

Marx was funded by Friedrich Engels, his foxhunting friend,

Whose family firm in Manchester made money from child labour.

… His enormous bullish head presides over Highgate Cemetery.

Some come to worship. Others recall Stalin and his thirty million dead.

 “When we have hanged the last capitalist”, Marx said,

“Then we will hang the salesman who sold us the rope.”

Thirty million died in Stalin’s gulags. They weren’t all evil rope salesmen

… Mistrusting top-heavy leaders and self-important vanguards,

[People] are doing it themselves…

 - Heathcote Williams
Some food snobbery - taken from EDL News.
The level of snobbery from EDL News, or from Gary Hastings/Alan Moon, is incredible. Nonetheless, EDL News will rationalise or justify it by saying it’s only aimed at EDL members. But that’s a lie. It’s aimed at all the working class… except the Leftists ones of course. 
If you read all the following carefully (see below, after the dotted line), you will see EDL News slipping from general criticisms of the EDL to very general remarks about the working class. This snobbery is not just something the Right has noted. Left-wingers have noted it too. They have noted the intense levels of snobbery of many contemporary Leftists. Not against the EDL – against the working class generally. Many commentators, from Nick Cohen to Brendan O’Neill, have noted this snobbery and often the subject of the EDL or the “far right” isn’t even mentioned. For example, much has been made of left-wing “comedy snobs” such as Russell Howard and Stewart Lee. One of Russell Howard’s “political” jokes about Tommy Robinson featured his accent – his Luton accent. Actually, it didn’t feature his accent. Robinson’s accent was the joke. That was all it amounted to. Most people who have an accent like Tommy Robinson’s won’t be EDL. So, in actual fact, Russell Howard’s joke was at the expense of all people with a Luton accent; not at the expense of Tommy Robinson or the EDL. A similar thing happened when George Galloway picked up on Tommy Robinson’s use of the word “bird”. He said, or implied, that Robinson was “sexist” for using it (“You brought a parrot?”). That’s strange. I would say that there are millions of British non-EDL who use and have used that word. (Talk of “sexism” is strange coming from a man who believes in polygamy, Islamic misogyny, someone who plays down rape and who never speaks out against Islamic female genital mutilation or Muslim grooming. Still, he got his priorities right. Using the word “bird” is far worse than all that.) (See super-snob Dianne Abbot.)

Why the surprise? Many middle class people have always been snobby about the working class. Indeed, from Marx and his “troglodytes” or “sack of potatoes”, to the Webbs/Fabians and their eugenicist dreams about “improvingthe working class”, there has always been an incredible snobbery from the Leftist middle class. After all, even the middle-class revolutionaries wanted to lead and above all change the working class (into revolutionaries or people without "false consciousness"); they mustn’t have liked them as they were.

Then Muslims came on the scene. That meant that most Trots, not so much the case with Communists, could jettison the working class and latch onto Muslims instead; just as they had previously done with blacks and gays. And because the Left is now parasitic on Muslims, not gays, blacks, the working class or anyone else, there is no reason to hold back on the latent snobbery towards the working class any more. Enter Gary Hastings/Alan Moon and his relentless sarcastic snobbery which can literally be found in every sentence - never mind every piece – he posts. This man is a snob who doesn’t think he’s a snob simply because he’s a Leftist. He thinks that’s all it takes not to be a snob; as well as not to be a racist or (red) fascist. (This is equivalent to thinking that by putting on a cassock or growing a long beard you utomatically become holy or pious.)
These people constantly attack working class people for bad spelling and grammar. For drinking lager. For being football supporters. For being “knuckle-draggers”. For having the wrong kind of tattoos. The sort of thing that if it happened in the 1970s or the 1980s, and had it come from the (right-wing) middle class, would have been classed as outright snobbery by Leftists such as these. But because Leftists are indulging in it today, people don’t see it as snobbery. 
Alex Callincos of the SWP-UAF: aristocratic background, private school, then on to the SWP.
Don’t be fooled. These people have applied the same snobbery towards very many working class who aren’t EDL. Not just BNP either; but also supporters of the Conservative Party. They are “reactionaries”, “xenophobes”, “bigots”, people who have bad musical tastes, a poor fashion sense, etc. Basically, whether they are Christians, Conservatives, UKIP members, "Daily Mail readers", etc., the snobbery of the Left will manifest itself. They mainly target the EDL because they know that not many people will note or react to that snobbery precisely because it’s the EDL. The problem is that this middle-class Leftist snobbery was well entrenched long before 2009, when the EDL was formed. Of course at that time Gary Hastings-types would have had other working-class targets.
From EDL News - the word "butthurt" seems to be used by all Gary Hastings' acolytes.
 The following includes extracts from a post from EDL News on the EDL. It provides a set of definitions of all things EDL… except that it often strays from the EDL and targets the entire working class (minus left-wing). This is something the middle class has always done – especially the Leftist middle class.

"Patriots come in all shapes and sizes but 95% of them are fat, bald and invariably drunk. Patriots defend England whilst in the pub."
Here we have Leftist prejudice, racism against whites, snobbery, fatism and ageism. Is this really aimed exclusively against EDL supports? How can it be? How can there be an essential connection between being EDL and being bald? There are thousands of non-EDL who fit this description; and they are who Gary Hastings has in mind too. And if patriots didn’t defend England in a pub, he would still hate them. You will find that however and wherever patriots defend English, whoever they are, even if they look like Gary Hastings (well, maybe not), he would still hate them. Indeed he would hate them even more. That’s why he also hates UKIP and its members, “Daily Mail readers”, “Tories”, and all other members of the working class who aren’t Leftists. As well as all middle class people who aren’t Leftists.
"Bus Wanker  …. Can also refer to any EDL member whose preferred transport method to demos is by coach or minibus."
This seems to be snobbery aimed at many EDL for not having cars. Such poor people! They cannot even afford to go to posh restaurants to eat exotic Turkish food.
"EDL Angel - An oxymoron for morons. The foul mouthed female equivalent of their Stella swigging male counterparts. … An 'angel' has probably had sexual encounters with six or more male EDL members with some topping twenty. …" 
Some classic sexism here. But that’s OK, it’s only aimed at the white working class. So class prejudice and sexism; but they’re only right wing… except that Gary Hastings would apply this to many others too…. So every EDL angel is a tart and “foul mouthed”. Really? Isn’t that a generalisation and a stereotype? Or are certain stereotypes OK?... There also a strong sense of male judgement as to “uncontrolled female sexuality"; the sort of thing these Leftist argue against except when they in indulge in it against the white working class.
"Flash demo - A demo where a load of bored, bald, middle aged drunks turn up at a mosque and kick off and shout abuse.  Flash demos can vary in size and depend if the football is on or not. One flash demo involved the storming of a KFC board meeting and then not knowing what to say to those gathered before having a rant about bacon."
More ageist and baldist prejudice from Gary Hastings/Alan Moon. What possible relevance could baldness and being middle-aged have?... unless he only notes these disabilities when the EDL has them.
Hope Not Hate's very on private-school-educated Gilly Levett-Carpenter.
"Casuals - Badly dressed Football hooligan division of the EDL. You can spot a casual as they do not look like they have bought any clothes since the 1980's…"
Here the comment is clearly not about the EDL alone. Not even about the “far right”. The snobbery here has been widened to include another group  – Casuals (many Casuals are apolitical). There is also a dig at people’s poverty; as in Casuals “look like they have bought any cloths since the 1980s”. I thought the Lefts were disgusted by poverty. Or is it the Gary Hastings also includes a bad fashion-sense as one of his hates? Is that really an EDL issue, I wonder, or just a, issue of EDL News and its general snobbery?
"Traitor - … Can also be spelt ‘traytors’."
More spelling snobbery from Gary Hastings/Alan Moon. This is a favourite theme of middle-class Leftists when they are in conversation with the lower orders on Facebook and elsewhere. (Gary Hastings/Alan Moon doesn’t seem to realise that “non patriots” should actually be “non-patriots”.)
"Incrimidate - The act of putting the frighteners on yourself in the hope that you'll do something to get yourself into trouble."
More snobbery. Does EDL News believe that only EDL supporters can’t spell? Apart from the fact that there are many spelling and grammatical mistakes both in these entries and also in other posts by EDL News, isn’t it the case that many non-EDL can’t spell? Or is it only working class supporters of the EDL he is on about? I doubt it. However, by making his dislike of bad spelling, or even dyslexia, seem to be focused on the EDL, he can hide his snobbery. And these people used to support – patronise – the working class. Whatever happened to the Left?

"Boozer - Can refer to a pub or an EDL Angel"
More sexism from Gary Hastings. But that’s OK because the women are EDL. It’s as if there are no middle class “boozers”. And definitely no Leftist ones.  Nonetheless, it’s not the boozing that offends Gary Hastings; it’s the fact that the boozers are white working class.
"Roonied - When a bald middle aged patriot wakes up with a hangover in bed with a woman older than his mother."
Some more strong Leftist sexism here. First, is it true that every EDL Angel sleeps with many EDL? Secondly, there seems to be a male distaste for females misbehaving themselves sexually; as many Leftist females do at university, for example. There is also ageism in this. Hasn’t EDL News also said that the EDL is full of "young hooligan Casuals”?
"MAC - Muslims Against Crusades… MAC invariably outwit patriots as demonstrated at the 9/11 memorial service when the EDL came out with all the bad press the next day."
Hastings can’t bring himself to be equally snobby and sarcastic about MAC. But that’s because MAC is mainly made up of brown people and Gary Hastings/Alan Moon is a racist.
"Breiviking - … outrageous stories about ‘Pakis’ from the Daily Mail …"
Here’s another example that EDL members are not the only target of EDL News snobbery: working class “Daily Mail readers” are too. As well as the Daily Mail itself, which is a compulsory target of Leftist snobbery and comedy.
"A non racist multicultural organisation - An organisation of patriots which include a token black guy, a token 'paki' who is really sikh and a Jewish division which is run by two mentally unstable non Jewish foreigners who support terrorism."
There have been many black supporters of the EDL. However, if backs are right wing, then they are Uncle Toms according to these Leftists because in their white middle-class racism blacks must be either rappers or “race activists” (Muslims must be radical Islamists). If they aren’t, then white middle-class Leftists class them as “Uncle Toms” – even if they don’t use that term. The white middle-class Left have classed numerous blacks as being Uncle Toms, and today they do the same with Muslims who aren’t radical. Yet these very same people are always talking about Muslim “moderates”. When they are moderate, many Leftists think them Uncle Toms.
"Infidels - Disillusioned fat, balding, drunk patriots who think the EDL are too PC for them and want to belong to a load of fat middle aged, bald, drunk blokes who are more openly racist and fascist."
There is no mention of the EDL here. All infidels are fat, balding, drunk patriots? Surely if they never became EDL, they would have still been balding. This sounds like a racial stereotype to me.

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