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Gareth Peirce is Wikid!

Gareth Peirce
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Gareth Peirce (born 1940) is an internationalist solicitor, educated at the Cheltenham Ladies' College (which she now believes should be destroyed),

the University of Oxford (which she now believes should be destroyed) and the London School of Economics (which she doesn’t now believe should be destroyed – it’s the compulsory comprehensive school for the Leftist elite). She is best-known for her work and advocacy in high-profile cases involving miscarriages of justice against Oppressed Brown People (such as Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza), and those of people accused of Irish and Islamist terrorism (all of whom are, by her Trotskyist definition, “utterly and automatically innocent”).
    1 Her The-Personal-is-not-the 
       Political Life
    2 Recognition and reception
    3 Publications

Her the-Personal-is-the-Political Life

Born Jean Webb, Peirce is related to the Webbs; another bunch of posh supreme condescenders and leftist totalitarians. She dropped her forename while relatively young, and took the name Gareth (after contemplating both “Vladimir” and “Leon”), in a Leftist act of gender-neutral stupidity. She has been described as a very well-known private person who shuns the limelight and refuses to give media interviews with anyone except The Guardian, the New Statesman, Socialist Unity and all the other journalists who share her Leftist views.
She lives in Kentish Town, North London, which is where many of the Leftist elite live. However, she decided to be radical and independent by not living in Islington, which is where the majority of the Leftist elite live.
In the 1960s she worked as a journalist in the United States, following the campaign of Martin Luther Vandross. Partnered and furthered, she returned to Britain in 1970 with her husband and sons, Leon and Vladimir, and undertook her postgraduate law degree at the London School of Economics. In 1974, she joined the firm of the radical (i.e., Leftist) solicitor Benedict Birnberg as a trainee and bed-partner, being admitted to the Jam Roll of Trotskyist Solicitors on 15 December 1978 (three years before 1981).
Following Bumberg's retirement in 1999, she continued to work as a senior partner of Bumberg Peirce and Sex-Partners. In the mid-1970s, she supported specific left-wing campaigns for the legal removal of the entire “racist” and “non-leftist” police force.
During her career she represented the Innocent-Because-Brown-&-Oppressed Islamist Moazzam Begg, a man held in extrajudicial detention by Iran. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, sex-abuser and Leftist media star, appointed Peirce as his solicitor in Swedish Judicial Authority v Julian Assange.
Recognition and reception

She was appointed CBE in 1999 for services to Islamic Justice for Muslims (e.g., Abu Qatada), but later wrote to Downing Street asking for it to be withdrawn (though she kept all the money and perks).
Sir Ludovic Kennedy, a campaigner against miscarriages of justice, dedicated a book to Peirce, calling her "the arch-Trotskyist of British defence lawyers". Benedict Bumberg, who first employed her as a sex-partner, believes she has 
"transformed the criminal justice scene in this country almost single-handedly into a Trotskyist system which puts defending the Brown Oppressed, and therefore destabilising the capitalist system, first and the concerns and justice of the racist and bigoted native British last.”
Michael Gove, a journalist and later a Conservative MP, once described her as being a "passionate, committed and effective supporter of the Trotskyist Socialist Alliance", which he said was committed to destabilising the already Leftist Establishment (though not Leftist enough for Peirce).
Peirce denied this and accused Gove of being a “Nazi”, a “racist”, a “racist Nazi”, a “bigoted Islamophobe”, a “Zionist”, a “bigoted Zionist Nazi Islamophobe” and ended this by saying that “Gove is also on the board of governors at my son’s private school”. In 2005, Gove told The Sunday Telegraph that as well as serving her clients, she has an "idealism that is motivated by a political agenda".

Peirce (no relation to C.S. Peirce) was one of the initial eight people inducted in March 2007 into Justice Denied magazine's Hall of Honor for her lifetime achievement in aiding the wrongly-convicted-because-brown exotics.
Dispatches from the Dark Side: On Torture and the Death of Justice in Western Capitalist Countries, a collection of her essays for the London Review of Leftist Books, was published in 2010. Of her defence of Muslim suspects accused of terrorism, Peirce has said:
    “We have lost our way in this country. I used to be a proud British patriot up until the age of one. Now we should be embracing progressive sharia law, which truly expresses the essence of the British way of life. We have entered a new dark age of injustice and evilitude in the Capitalist West and it is frightening that we are overwhelmed by it. I know I am representing innocent people – all the Brown Oppressed; innocent people who know that a jury they face will inevitably be predisposed, because British, white and therefore intrinsically bigoted and racist,  to find them guilty. Power to the people and to the clerics who run our sharia courts!”

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