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Exposing the UAF Lie

By Nicholas Cox (2013)

Conceived in 2003, the founding principle of UAF was to actively combat extremist, right wing ideology and fascism wherever it could be found, surreptitiously skulking in the very darkest corners of the British political spectrum. Signatories galore, including many prominent and well known political and media personalities, flocked to sign its charter, desiring most avidly to show their support for its apparently honourable goal of keeping fanatical extremists such as the vile and odious BNP, NF and other neo Nazi organisations at bay. However, over the past decade, the British public has become increasingly aware of the fact that UAF is in fact, using its high profile status and the media spotlight, not to abolish all forms of extremism, but to quite simply seek the abolition of one hardcore ideology, while surreptitiously attempting to replace it with two other ideologies of equal, if not more extreme forms of radical fundamentalism.

As you will see below, the prime goal of UAF is far removed from the elevation of equality, love or tolerance that it so artificially claims to promote. Indeed, the flagrant abuse of such honourable words has become common place within the ranks of UAF, yet in reality, these words are being systematically exploited by the leftist faithful, with no other purpose than to throw up a smokescreen, in an ongoing effort to deceive and defraud the mostly, politically apathetic, British public. Behind the scenes, UAF has but one aim: that of undermining British politics by attempting to promote the extremist ideologies of both Marxism/Socialism and Islam over and above that of all other political ideals, while at the same time, making efforts to somewhat feebly, conceal its adherent’s treachery behind that of the more palatable banner of ‘Progressive’ Liberalism.

UAF Leaders

Before we take a more in depth look at the machinations of UAF, let us take a brief look at some of the key figures who are responsible for the running of this allegedly innocuous, ‘pressure group’.

Steve Hart


Steve Hart is the current UAF Chairman or ‘Chairperson’: a descriptor that he would, in his PC induced coma, no doubt prefer. He is also the chair for the leftist thinktank, Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) and former Political Director for Unite: the union which has found itself firmly under the iron fist of Marxist firebrand, ‘Red’ Len McCluskey.

Hart has in the past, also been closely linked to ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone: yet another shameless advocate of the Socialist/Marxist agenda, who is somewhat unsurprisingly ‘Honorary President’ of the UAF as well.
Hart is certainly not shy about promoting his leftist beliefs. His obsession with demonising the political right has even extended to remonstrating with the ‘progressive’ embracing, Labour Party for ‘pandering to right wingers’, a party which Unite has consistently attempted to subject to its own political whims and desires. In a report written for his former employer, he self righteously goes on the attack, declaring that “UKIP bares all the hallmarks of a pre-fascist movement” and that the anger displayed towards Islam after the murder of Lee Rigby by two of its fanatical adherents were “outpourings of racism”. In the oh so predictable tradition of career leftists, who for some unfathomable reason seem to suffer from the debilitating affliction known as politically correct, verbal diarrhoea, he went on to spout, “Far too many, in the thrall of ‘Islamophobia’, sought to blame Islam. Yet rightly, no one blames Christianity for Jimmy Saville’s crimes.” Need I say any more.....

Christine Blower


Ms Blower is currently a UAF vice chair and General Secretary of the NUT, a militant union backed by the Socialist Teachers Alliance and the SWP. In July 2011,
one of her predecessors Doug McAvoy was quoted as saying “She’s committed to a policy platform that will be more aggressive and confrontational than anything we have seen in the last 10 years”.
She is also a staunch advocate of uncontrolled immigration, the easing of laws relating to drug use and once stood as a candidate for the Socialist Alliance which is linked to the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Azad Ali

Islamic fundamentalism is well represented within the UAF in the shape of Azad Ali. He is currently a vice chair for the UAF as well as community affairs coordinator for the Islamic Forum of Europe; an Islamic organisation based in the Tower Hamlets borough of London.

This very same organisation was resoundingly criticised in the well renowned Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ documentary that sought to expose Islamic extremism and the preaching of Islamic fundamentalism in the UK.
He is an avid supporter of Shariah, not to mention an obeisant, fawning devotee of Islamic radicals and hate mongers such as Anwar al-Awlaki, Abdullah Yusuf Azzam and Abu Qatada. He also openly supports terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. British journalist Andrew Gilligan has been quoted as referring to Ali as an ‘Islamic fascist’.

Weyman Bennett


No-one courts controversy quite like Mr Bennett who is a long serving, joint secretary for the UAF, member of the Central Committee for the SWP and a well known Trotskyite and anti-Semite. Frequently highlighted in most of the national newspapers for all the wrong reasons, his high profile involvement in scandals, conspiracy and the promotion of violence requires no further elaboration here.

Sabby Dhalu


Ms Dhalu is also a joint secretary of the UAF. Like Bennett she is a Trotskyite sympathiser who is co chair of the National Assembly Against Racism (NAAR), a front group for Socialist Action (formerly known as the International Marxist Group), which has links to George Galloway’s Islamic promoting, Respect Party.

It doesn’t take an individual of great intellect to work out exactly where the loyalties of the individuals above lie. While they might revel in continually overstating their somewhat, self perceived importance due to the constant media attention they garner, these individuals thankfully, possess little real power and are increasingly being seen by most as fringe crackpots, extremist lunatics and attention seeking, media whores. Yet, given the exposure they receive, they still represent a danger to those of us who appreciate what political fanatics such as these are capable of. Their overwhelming promotion of and fervour for Marxist/Socialist/Islamic ideals should be enough to worry even the most cynical of right minded thinkers.

The Psychology of UAF Lies & Contradictions

As one of the principal proponents of the extremist ‘progressive’ cause, UAF seems to have quite predictably lifted its doublespeak, directly out of an Orwellian novel. Indeed, where Orwell’s tremendous yet infamous ‘1984’ is concerned, you could almost be forgiven for believing that this stalwart ‘vanguard’ of leftist dogma, had quite literally extracted its core ideology directly from the very pages of this veritably despotic tome. With this in mind, it goes without saying that contradictory antonyms have now indeed become the preserve of these intolerant, leftist apologists, who will do anything in their power to quell freedom of speech and shut down public debate entirely, especially when it goes against the grain of their uncompromising and inherently totalitarian beliefs.

Hiding behind the respectable veil of ‘tolerance’, the UAF promotes intolerance of anyone who dares to oppose their extremist views. ‘Love’ is replaced with hatred for those who seek to promote an alternative political agenda while ‘equality’ is reserved exclusively for those who most obsequiously, tow the leftist/Islamic line. At the same time, words with negative connotations such as ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ are used like a cudgel to silence detractors into submission. Yet, if these words were actually to be employed correctly, they would no doubt be more applicable to the very people who so enthusiastically spout them in the first place. Indeed, it seems that the UAF faithful find it almost impossible to construct a coherent sentence without robotically reciting one of their beloved, leftist buzzwords that in their unwavering penchant for their blinkered hatred and intolerance, seem to covet so much.

The True Face of UAF Revealed

The UAF seeks to make good use of empty and pointless logos in an attempt to stir up dissent where none actually exists. ‘Jobs and Homes, Not Racism’ and ‘Say No to Racism, Islamophobia and Fascism’ are as puerile as they are hollow and ring of the Marxist/Socialist backed, CND demonstrations of the 1970 and 80s that carried equally asinine logos such as ‘No More Nukes’ and ‘Human Race or Nuclear Race’. Fringe groups that attach themselves to the UAF whether by choice or opportunity, seem to also carry equally, meaningless titles such as ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ and most absurdly of all ‘English Disco Lovers’ all of which are being used to camouflage the real agenda of the UAF by attempting to first captivate and then divert the attention of the public away from their political plotting and scheming and onto minor or virtually non-existent political or social ‘problems ‘of the UAF’s somewhat imaginative making.

However, UAF’s Marxist/Socialist proclivity for intolerance and violence does on occasion show through. ‘Facist EDL not wanted here’ is one proclamation that is frequently vented towards a pressure group, which much like the UAF, was formed to oppose extremism. The EDL seeks to do but one thing: oppose the ever increasing threat of ‘radical’ Islam, a form of extremism that despises everything that Britain stands for, yet one which UAF has somewhat, inexplicably embraced with open arms. While EDL rallies generally pass off without much ado, the jackbooted thugs of the UAF always choose to put in an appearance and stir up trouble whenever they can, in the name of defending their equally intolerant and bigoted, Islamic brethren. Another favourite employed with vigour by the UAF extremists is ‘Stop/Smash the Facist/Nazi BNP’. As I stated earlier, I find the BNP not only to be odious, but an affront to British politics as a whole, yet one essential fact remains. The UK is for the time being, still a democracy and one in which the BNP is a legitimate political entity that has the right to voice an opinion, even if many of us do disapprove of it. However, yet again we see the UAF displaying their abject contempt for the political process and the right of the people to decide.

Even their political statements do on occasion border on the farcical. In their, what can only be termed as a ‘fascist’ attempt to prevent the EDL from marching through certain districts of London during September 2011, the UAF lobbied the Home Secretary to implement a carpet ban on EDL protests. The UAF initially responded with absolute glee to the news that their demands had been met. However, their joy was to be short lived as Theresa May had subsequently banned protests by all groups, in five London boroughs for 30 days. The UAF, no doubt having suddenly had their smug, condescending grins wiped from their more commonly contorted, hate twisted faces, were incensed and responded with the following loopy, yet sublimely humorous statement, the irony of which seems to have eluded them somewhat: “We the undersigned welcome the banning of the racist English Defence League’s march through Tower Hamlets. But we are appalled to discover that the Metropolitan Police are applying for a blanket ban on ALL marches across five London boroughs… It is our human right to peacefully march in Tower Hamlets.” No better advert will you find for the UAF’s illiberal intolerance than embarrassing rants such as these.

Approval of Violence

The thugs of the UAF will generally mete out violence to anyone who possesses the temerity to oppose their ideology in any shape or form. In the name of ‘tolerance’ they can frequently be seen stirring up hatred and dispensing vicious ‘punishments’ out to those who dare to protest against any of the tenants that extremist ‘progressive’ liberalism holds in such high esteem. So flawed is their fatally compromised leftist dogma, that like drunken, illiterate, knuckle dragging yobs who lack both the ability and the intelligence to engage in rational debate, they lash out, hoping desperately that thuggery alone will be sufficient to enough to muzzle their detractors. On an average demo or counter demo, eight to ten times as many of the UAF faithful are generally arrested for breaches of the peace, assault and other violent crimes than those who belong to groups they so fervently seek to silence. A most fitting epitaph for the self proclaimed ‘tolerant’, if ever there was one.



While the Lib/Lab/Con cartel does not directly support the UAF, they do promote its leftist, ‘progressive’ ideals. Links from within these parties to this extremist group are also not so difficult to find either. The UK despising, Labour party has the strongest ties, mostly through the unions, with some individuals retaining an unflinching loyalty to both organisations. The current PM, David Cameron is also a UAF signatory who clearly seems to retain a somewhat fervent passion for ‘progressive’ doctrine too, despite attempting to pass himself off as the leader of what was once the highly patriotic, Conservative Party. As for many of the other signatories, we find a somewhat pitiful band of political pygmies, rag tag has-beens not to mention a whole glut of leftist, extremist sympathisers who are most sycophantically willing to sell out their country and their fellow countrymen and women in the name of kowtowing to their beloved agenda.

Defeating the UAF, ‘progressive’ leftism & Islam


The ever increasing exposure of UAF’s blatant lies, deception, clandestine intent and their ever growing use of violence in somewhat lamentable attempts to get their ‘message’ across, effectively guarantees that this organisation will in the end, founder and die. However, the ‘progressive’ liberal movement that they have helped to create and now promote so vigorously is one that we will need to render impotent if we ever have any hope of winning our country, rights and civil liberties back from these despots who so desperately desire to take them from us.

Never forget that between them, these two ideologies that are currently toiling away in attempts to subjugate us, have been responsible for the deaths of around 380 million people, which is roughly equivalent to the entire population of the UK and the USA combined. Yet, we can defeat them using the one thing they despise the most...the truth! By learning as much as you can about the ‘progressive’ cause and Islam, you will then have it in your power to educate others about their tyrannical attempts to mould Britain into a nightmare state, which would no doubt bare all the hallmarks of the former Soviet Union and Shariah dominated Saudi Arabia.

But first, we desperately need to awaken our fellow country men and women from their zombified, PC induced stupor. So brainwashed have they become that they are unlikely to come quietly, yet, this single goal must remain our number one priority. We also need to put any differences we have aside and unite: becoming one strong voice of millions, rather than millions of single, insignificant voices. The time has also come to throw off our fear and fight this most heinous of evils for unless we do so, our country and those countries around us that have been similarly afflicted, will eventually fall to the yoke of Islamic imperialism or left wing hatred and intolerance. Our cause is not only a great and honourable one, it is also righteous and just and through our solid devotion and unrivalled passion for a country that we all love, I resolutely believe that we will emerge victorious. So, the time has arrived for us to make a choice. We can either remain steadfast, fight for what we believe in and see this most vital of undertakings through to the bitter end or we can choose to remain silent... slithering in a pit of sloth, self loathing and apathy where we will most certainly ensure not only our very own destruction, but that of everything we love and hold dear.

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