Monday, 10 February 2014

Chakrabarti’s Liberty: Revolution Through Rights Activism

There will probably never be a violent Marxist revolution in Europe, either now or in the near future. That doesn’t matter. Heard of ‘cultural Marxism’? This is when Marxists, instead of plotting a violent revolution, decide, instead, to ‘take over’ all the ‘reactionary institutions’ to bring about Marxist realities - even if only at the cultural level. Of course Leftists no longer have any faith in the violent revolution in which middle-class ‘vanguardists’ lead the ‘oppressed’, whether Muslims or, formerly, the working class. This is because cultural Marxists know that such revolutions have never been successful. Alternatively, they know that once the revolution was achieved, it would inevitably become ‘Stalinist’ or despotic in nature. Thus, Marxist revolutions do not work; unless you think Stalin’s system worked, or that of Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, etc.

This idea goes back to Antonio Gramsci; and later, to Herbert Marcuse and others from the Frankfurt School. They too realised that there wasn’t going to be a revolution any time soon. Thus they told their Marxist followers, 'the vanguard’, to ‘take over the institutions’.

And hell... hasn’t cultural Marxism been successful! Of course it has. Students who were once intent on violent revolution became, later, the leaders of the BBC, members of the Labour Party, journalists at the Guardian or New Statesman, or they  even became activists or propagandists in the red sections of the Church of England and various Methodist denominations.

These quiet Marxists have also taken over what may be called ‘rights organisations’. These people fight for the revolution through their work in the rights business. Specifically, they defend ‘revolutionary subjects’ such as Islamists, Islamic terrorists, criminals, leftist activists and so on. The rights of minorities are fought for and given a superior status vis-a-vis the ‘dominant culture’. Any group which chips away at capitalist democracies will be defended and romanticised.

Take Shami Chakrabarti’s LIBERTY. An organisation which defends the ‘victims of the state’... except for the EDL, the BNP and any individual or institution which is in any way ‘right wing’. More specifically, none of these rights groups have defended the members of the EDL who were imprisoned for speaking their minds about totalitarian Islam. The state’s battle against all free speech aimed at Islam, should have been on Liberty’s radar.
The best description of these institutions, such as LIBERTY, JUSTwest yorkshire, Amnesty International, etc., is that they are revolution-through-rights-activism groups. And LIBERTY is the most perfect example of this. Just take this hypocrisy when it comes to LIBERTY and other ‘rights’ group.

In Birmingham there was Muslim- and leftist-driven reaction to what were called ‘spy cameras’. These were installed, by West Midlands Police and the state, in areas which had shown very high concentrations of terrorist activity and support. The police and security services simply wanted to negate the threat of Islamoterrorism.

The Muslim community reacted against these CCTV with various bogus arguments and threats of 'civil unrest’ (Lord Ahmed). They were taken down. The threats worked.

The arguments against the ‘spy cameras’ were discussed at a public meeting in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Various Muslims and their leftist enablers gave the case for freedom, fee speech and the right of Muslims not to be observed by the state. This was put forward as a rights case and, more generally, a demand for freedom from ‘state snoopers’.

However! At this very same meeting, various spokespeople demanded that the rights and freedoms of the ‘far right’, specifically the EDL, should be either curtailed or stamped out completely. (One step beyond the Leftist ‘No Platform Policy’.) The Reverend Ray Gaston, Shami Chakrabarti, Salma Yaqoob, Lord Ahmed, etc. called for either the outright banning of the EDL or for severe restrictions on all EDL demos.
Thus LIBERTY is not for rights across the board. They fight only for the rights of minorities and the various Islamist and leftist warriors against the ‘capitalist state’. Fighting for the rights of these people will further revolutionise the situation here in the UK. This is revolution-through-rights-activism.

Similarly, just as LIBERTY doesn’t fight for rights across the board; so the STOP THE WAR COALITION is not actually against all wars. It is only against the wars fought by ‘Western capitalist states’; just as LIBERTY is only concerned with the rights and freedoms of Islamists, leftists and chosen minorities generally.

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