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Rev Chris Howson: 'Ban the EDL'

First posted: 1st March, 2011

[Above: Muslims peacefully counter-protesting against the EDL and other kuffars.]

[Left: the Rev of Bradford with compulsory beard and pious/smug expression.]


EDL Extra comments on the Rev Chris Howson's article, 'Bradford's Response to the EDL', from the 'A Just Church' blog. (Comments in red.)

*) This is a blog by Rev Chris Howson, 'a priest for Bradford’. He displays a complete commitment to far leftism. Then again, he says he’s a 'liberation theologian' and a 'socialist', so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised not only about his blatant ideological propaganda, but his self-confessed far leftism. 

I wonder if he knows the Rev Ray Gaston of Birmingham and No Respect?

Today I went to a screening of JUST West Yorkshire's documentary about the English Defence League's demo in Bradford last summer. It is a remarkably positive film that shows that Bradford has a lot to offer as an example of how to resist fascism. ['Fascism'!] Everyone expected a riot, the media, the nation, the far right, but Bradford offered another reaction. It chose non-violence. [The far left and Muslims wanted a riot. That way they could contribute to getting the EDL banned, amongst other things.]

It wasn't easy, it wasn't pretty - there were terrible fall outs amongst the anti-fascist community. [The far left are always at each other’s throats. The Commies (e.g., Searchlight, Hope Not hate, etc.) and Trots (e.g., SWP/UAF, Music Not Racism, etc.) particularly hate each other's guts.] The animosity between the 'Hope not Hate' [The Commies, who prefer it non-violent on the whole, against the Trotskyist SWP/UAF, which thinks that violence fosters radicalisation and ultimately Revolution.] group and virtually every other type of response nearly derailed a lot of good community relations built up over the years. [So the Left needs ‘good community relations’ to control their infighting as well! Brilliant!]

The Police did an amazing job. [Did they? They kettled-in the EDL and let Muslim yobbos freely maraud in Bradford city centre.] When they realised that the line they had been thrown about the 'We Are Bradford' campaign (separate but connected to the Unite Against Fascism national group) was not accurate, the police quickly changed tactics. In Bradford, they listened to the activists. [The far-left activists, that is.]

Our political leaders showed a lot of arrogance during the run up to the EDL gathering, but I do have a growing respect for Ian Greenwood, the leader of council. [For not banning the EDL demo? What democrats these people are! No Platform, eh?] He is completely honest, even if we do disagree on many issues.

For all our differences, all the approaches, from 'Bradford Women for Peace' to 'Bradford Together's' petition [How may of these Leftist groups are there?] to ban the march, all the strategies worked together in a remarkable synergy. God must have been watching over us that day, because despite ourselves, we managed to turn the EDL's plan of the 'Big One' into their complete 'Big Utter Failure'.

My book looks at the churches reaction to the EDL incursion [‘incursion’! There is a f***ing thriving Bradford Division of the EDL!] into our city, and concludes that we must do all we can to support all non-violent responses to the far right. Bradford stands stronger because of this commitment. [Stop your political pontificating. You’re supposed to be a priest.]

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