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Bob Pitt's Islamophobia Watch Supports Islamists

First posted: 25th April, 2011

[Right: Bob Pitt defends Quradawi's right to be an Islamist, an Arabic racist, a supporter of Islamoterrorism and brutal sharia law, a women hater, a defender of female genital mutilation, of Hamas's right to blow Israeli infant schools up, and to be a friend of Red Ken Livingstone (who's also a friend of Bob Pitt). Brown Exotics can do everything non-exotic whites can't do. It helps the Trotskyist Revolution, you see.]


Islamophobia Watch’s Links Page(EDL Extra comments are in red.)


Muslim Groups listed in Islamophobia Watch

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) 


"To promote cooperation, consensus and unity on Muslim affairs in the uk" 

[An Islamist organisation geared primarily to the task of turning the UK into an Islamic republic. It is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which also includes the Muslim Association of Britain (see below) and Hamas.]

Assembly for the Protection of Hijab 


"The Vision of ‘Assembly for the Protection of Hijab’ is to campaign nationally and internationally for the protection of every Muslim woman’s right to wear the Hijab" 

[Remember the days when Trots and Commies campaigned for ‘women’s rights’ and against ‘sexism’? As is often the case, the Brown Exotic is allowed to be sexist and even misogynist (as well as to cut female genitalia), just as he is allowed to be a killer and a terrorist. The inversions of Trotskyist racism just seem to become more and more pronounced.]

Islamic Human Rights Commission 


An "independent, not-for-profit, campaign, research and advocacy organization" – presents the annual Islamophobia Awards.

[Human rights for Muslims in non-Muslim countries, that is. Human rights in Islamic countries are unheard of – sharia law makes sure of that. Muslims are using Western human rights law and HR organisations to destroy the West and turn it Islamic. Then they will certainly be no Human Rights – which is a ‘man-created idea’, not part of Allah’s plan at all.]


"Imaan is a social support group for Muslim lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, those questioning their sexuality or gender identity and their family, friends and supporters".

[This group has at least two members, both of whom have Islamic fatwas against them.]

Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK)


Inspirational organisation that educates, agitates and organises.

[A virulent anti-Semitic organisation that is monomaniacal about Jews. They rule the world, basically. So much so that MPACUK had to invent Jews to rule the world, as they did with the MP Lorna Fitzsimons in 2005. This ‘Jewish Zionist’ turned out to be not a Jew at all.]


The Muslim Brotherhood's only official English web site.

[The Muslim Brotherhood began its terrorist and assassination campaign in the late 1920s, twenty years before the creation of Israel, forty years before the platonic Occupation, and eighty years before the ‘invasion’ of Afghanistan.]



An organisation providing educational resources aimed at the youth.


[An organisation providing Islamic educational resources aimed at Muslim youth.]

National Association of Muslim Police

Support organisation for Muslims in the police service, both Officers and Staff.

[Well known for corruption and positive discrimination towards Muslims.]


ENGAGE is dedicated to promoting greater media awareness, political participation and civic engagement among British Muslims.


[Much the same as MPACUK above, but it has a different name.] 

Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)

The Muslim Association of Britain is a British organisation established in November 1997, dedicated to serving society through promoting Islam in its spiritual teachings, ideological and civilising concepts, and moral and human values.

[A staunch defender of Hamas’s campaign of bombing Israeli infant schools, night clubs, cafes, etc. After all, Hamas has explicitly stated that 'Israel has no civilians', strictly speaking, or speaking like a fanatical Islamist.]

Tariq Ramadan 

Leading Muslim intellectual, brilliant website.

[His grandfather founded the Muslim Brotherhood. His father ran the MB for a long period. Ramadan claims to be completely separate from the MB, despite the fact that all his views square perfectly with that terrorist-supporting group.]


A non-sectarian Islamic human rights website that exists solely to raise awareness of the plight of the prisoners at Guantánamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror.


[‘A non-sectarian Islamic human rights’ website? Run that past me again. How can an Islamic group be non-sectarian, unless it assumes that everyone’s a Muslim? Again, as above, the concern here is exclusively with the human rights of Muslims when they are at the mercy of the infidel. When Muslims curtail human rights, as they do in every Islamic country, that’s fine because it is Muslims who are doing the curtailing and they are doing that in accordance with Allah’s own system of sharia law.]

Islam Channel 


Islam Channel is the first free-to-air, English language, Islamic-focused satellite channel available in Europe and North Africa.


[Islamist to the core. So Islamist, in fact, that they regularly employ a fellow revolutionary, John Rees, from Counterfire. Apart from that, expect many, many programmes about how evil Israel and the Zionists are. Who knows, you may even see an Arabic production of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which has been doing the rounds for years in virtually every Muslim Arabic country.]

Islam is Peace

Aims to address the negative perceptions and stereotypes of Islam and British Muslims.

[The ‘peace’ which will only arrive after the entire planet has ‘submitted to Allah’. In other words, ‘the peace of the grave’.]

Salma Yaqoob 


Website of Respect councillor and parliamentary candidate Salma Yaqoob.

[This woman has been defending Islamoterrorists since 1998, when she was part of a campaign to release British terrorists detained in Yemen. Some of the terrorists were related to her. And two of them were also related to Abu Hamza. Since 1998, Yaqoob has justified, explained, rationalised, sympathised with, Islamoterrorism on very many occasions. The only thing she hasn’t done is become a terrorist herself or laugh out loud when kuffar are killed.]

Inayat's Corner

Inayat Bunglawala's blog: "to share my love of books, movies, current affairs and gossip".

[Inayat Bunglawalah is a fanatical anti-Zionist who calls all Jews ‘members of the Tribe of Judah’. He once publicly supported Osama bin Laden; though he denies that he still does. You see, he wants to work against the kuffar from the inside, like Salma Yaqoob. Hence his lack of an Islamist beard and his appearances on Question Time, as well as his umpteen articles for the Guardian. Just like Yaqoob really, but with less of a beard.]



Keeping an eye on the web's most notorious anti-Muslim demagogues.

[All people who criticise Islam or Muslims are ‘loons’. All people who defend Israel are ‘mad’ – hence ‘Mad Mel’. This is a classic Stalinist tactic which the Soviets used to silence or destroy all critics of their regime. Many Leftist thinkers, in addition, such as Adorno and Marcuse, genuinely believed that to be right wing, or even conservative, was to be ‘clinically insane’.]

Islamophobia Today

A one-stop Islamophobia news clearing house. It publishes the most relevant Islamophobia and anti-Muslim news stories from major newsdesks and blogs, it publishes original material, as well as a weekly editorial.

 [Is this is run by Bob Pitt’s brother?]


Run by a group of intellectuals who believe they should act positively and effectively in response to accusations and allegations that face the Muslim Brotherhood.


[What about an organisation of 'intellectuals' responding to criticisms of the German National Socialist Party or the Klu Klux Clan? Of course not! They were white (not Brown and Exotic!]

Europeans Against Islamophobia 


The goal of this page is to fight Islamophobia, and to combat negative stereotyping of Muslims and Islam.

[Is this is run by Bob Pitt’s sister?]

One Society Many Cultures 


Campaigns against all forms of racism and Islamophobia, and defends as well as celebrates our multicultural society.

[‘Many cultures’? Except fox hunting, the cultures of the patriotic white working class, football hooliganism, going to the opera, any other right-wing culture, etc. In other words, only Leftist and Brown Exotic cultures. The rest can go to hell!]

Spencer Watch

This site exposes Robert Spencer of, an extremist "Catholic" idealogue who hides behind 'fake' scholarly claims to promote a fanatic anti-Muslim agenda  

[Oh, so religious people can be ‘extremist’? But only Catholics and Protestants, not Muslims, of course. ‘Fake scholarship’ means scholarship that doesn’t have a Leftist or Islamophile agenda. And is Robert Spencer ‘mad’ or a ‘loon’ too?]


Dedicated to promoting greater media awareness, political participation and civic engagement among British Muslims.

[Another trouble-causing Islamist media group.]

United Shades of Britain

Celebrates the multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature of Britain, and is opposed to intolerance, extremism and bigotry of any kind.

[Except 'bigotry' against white working class people who aren’t left wing.] 

Unite Against Fascism 


A broad-based campaign against the BNP, EDL and other racist and fascist organisations.

 [This group, which is run by the Socialist Workers Party, basically wants to ‘utilise’ all the Muslim and Islamic groups above in order to further the white, middle-class Trotskyist Revolution. The fact that they genuinely believe that they can manipulate hardened and fanatical Islamists must mean that the UAF/SWP is full of ‘loons’ who carry out ‘fake scholarship’ about Islam and Islamism.]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*) From that very large list of Muslim, Islamic and Islamist groups, it's clear that Bob Pitt is not just in the Islamophobia game to protect a vulnerable community from ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’. Some of these groups are militant Islamists with connections with Islamoterrorists. They don’t need Pitt’s protection or his patronisation.

No. Bob Pitt has an agenda – a Trotskyist agenda. He would say that the EDL has an obsession with Muslims and Islam. In that case, what’s he got? I'm sure that he spends all his political time running this monomaniacal website.

He has placed all his Trotskyist dreams of revolution, which he’s had since the early 1980s (if not before), into the Islamic/Muslim basket. That is, he clearly believes that Muslims and Islamists are the best bet for bringing forward the white, middle class, Trotskyist revolution. Before that, the Trots patronised the working class. They gave up on them because they wouldn’t do what they wanted them to do. Then it was the turn of black Brits. Ditto. But now they’ve fixed upon Muslims.

This is more hopeful, however, because, in the case of Islamists at least, they too want to destroy British and Western society as a whole. They too want to destroy everything and then put something new in its place. They too want to kill millions upon millions of Zionists, Jews, capitalists, neocons, neoliberals, conservatives, other members of the ‘far right’… the list is endless.

Islamism, like Trotskyism, is absolutist, totalitarian, messianic, an ideology of mass killing, etc. That’s why many Trots have jumped ship from the Religion of Marx to the Religion of the Prophet. Unfortunately, for Trots, the direction is rarely the other way – from Islamist to Trotskyist.

I'm also pretty sure that Bob Pitt gets a handsome pay packet for his job furthering Islam and Islamism. I am sure that at the least one of the organisations above, but probably more than one, finance Islamophobia Watch (especially the organisations with Saudi connections). So Bob Pitt makes a good living out of ‘fighting Islamophobia’. And because of that, he makes an even better living when he concocts numerous other examples of ‘Islamophobia’ to keep himself in his cushy job.

Just the sheer number and variety of the groups he supports shows us how deeply he has sunk his teeth into the Islamist – therefore also Trotskyist – cause of Total Revolution (or Total Destruction, as it really is). He clearly hasn’t picked or chosen because every example of the Brown Exotic will effectively further the cause of the white, middle class, Trot Revolution, however small that contribution is.

Yet, if this sad gullible sucker was every around when the Islamists got real power in this country, or anywhere else, he would be the first ‘atheistic infidel’ to be put up against the wall and shot. But that’s presuming he’s not already a Muslim! How do we know otherwise? As I’ve already said. Many Trots have made the easy journey over to Islamism – so why not Bob Pitt too?

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