Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Anonymous (UK) Totalitarians Get to Work on the EDL

First posted: 29th May, 2013

As various news outlets have told us, some Anonymous-linked groups have just published the personal information, including names, phone numbers and addresses, of various EDL supporters on the Internet.

More specifically, Anonymous UK has published, on Tuesday, a list of the mobile phone numbers of senior named EDL figures as well as the addresses of what were said to be donors to the group. Twitter accounts have also re-published leaked details of hundreds of names and addresses linked to the EDL which were circulated on the web in 2010 after hackers broke in to one of the organisation's websites.

Their reason for doing this, published in a statement by the ‘hacktivist’ group, is that they claim the EDL is guilty of ‘inciting the subjugation of Muslims’. The ‘subjugation of Muslims’? They really like those Leftist soundbites and buzz-words, don’t they? ‘Subjugation’, ha!

They don’t hide their totalitarian methods and plans. Like Hope Not Hate, they want to “destroy the far-right street protest movement”. Yes, that’s right. Destroy the EDL firstly, and then they'll get to work on all the other counter-jihadist groups. Again, just like Hope Not Hate. 

Alternatively, instead of ‘destroying’ the EDL, these hacktivists have also talked about a "systematic and comprehensive decimation" of the EDL. That sounds like the words of a fascist – a red fascist.

These (student?) red-fascist hacktivists have even managed to string a whole sentence together. They said:

"We have been patiently observing your organisation as you have [indoctrinated] our young with your criminal mindset. Your constant belligerence, like a pack of raving ignoramuses, furthers only bigotry and segregation. You have angered us considerably and summoned our wrath irrevocably."

Anonymous = Stalinists/Leftists/Islamists (whichever totalitarianism they support) = totalitarians

These Leftist/Islamist hacktivists are getting to work to suppress all views which they disagree with.

Anonymous UK – but who the fuck are they? Did anyone vote for them? Who even knows who they are? Is that part of the hip appeal? Are there more than ten of them? Where do they get their mandate from? Do they even need - or want - a mandate; being the Left fascists or Islamists that they are? Who do they work for? Who do they actually represent?

Hacktivism is the new Stalinism, along with the (Leftist) No Platform Policy and Sharia Blasphemy Law.

Why do these totalitarians hate free speech and free thought so much?

There are loads of Anonymous groups anyway, of all political persuasions – some of which contradict each other. I think it's mainly a hip thing - you know, that mask is just so hip. Not much politics; just a lot of hacking and being politically hip. And because they can't do real politics or argue their case; they hack everyone who disagrees with them instead. They may well be student computer nerds.

These Leftist hackers, particularly if they are Trotskyists, are always telling us precisely why Stalinism occurred and how it 'deviated' from True Communism. They also tell us that Soviet Russia was a ‘deformed workers’ state’. Just so many strategies or gimmicks to distance themselves from Communism-in-Practice, as also from Mao’s China, the Khymer Rouge, Vietnam, Cuba and the many tin-pot but still nasty African Marxist states in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. 

These Leftist hacktivists also believe in a No Platform Policy - as well as a No Debate Policy - for all they disagree with; as well as in their right to hack and ban all the groups and organisations they dislike. Oh, I forgot, for all you Facebookers out there. Facebook Leftists also indulge in the totalitarian technique of reporting all those who dare to disagree with them to Facebook for ‘racism’, ‘Islamophobia’ or even, basically, for not being left-wing.  

But what the hell would it be like if these people had real centralised political power? Yes, they would be Stalinists. The Trotskyists/Leftists would be Stalinists. All those quaint and irrelevant distinctions between Stalinism and Trotskyism (plus other kinds of contemporary Leftism) amount to nothing. Or, more precisely, they only mean something to the Trotskyists and Communists who make much of these pedantic and academic distinctions. To the rest of us, they are utter bullshit and amount to zero.

That’s if these hackers are Leftists. They could be Muslims pretending to be Leftists in order to give their totalitarian hacking more credence. After all, you would expect Muslims to hack counter-jihadist websites and place the names of counter-jihadists on the Internet. That’s if we can make a feasible distinction at all between totalitarian Leftism and totalitarian Islamism nowadays. The Islamists and the Leftists, just as the Leftists and the National Socialists, often merge into each other.

All the totalitarians together, eh? Kill the capitalist ‘hegemony’! Destroy Das System!

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