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Adrian Goldberg & why he banned me from his 'the Stirrer' forum

First posted: 2nd October, 2010


Way back, roundabout January this year, I was banned from Adrian Goldberg’s ‘the Stirrer’ forum on the Internet. This forum is part of the Birmingham Mail, for which he also writes. He also hosts for TalkSport.

This particular interchange began with my ‘slur’ against Councillor Salma Yaqoob’s character. She is the leader of Respect and is also good friends with Adrian Goldberg.

He begins by basically accusing me of 'slurring the reputation' of the Right Honourable Salma Yaqoob. Firstly, he asked me even I had any quotes to substaniate my conjectures:

RSP: “I cannot quote Yaqoob on this because her writings are not that large and they don't cover that many issues. I admit that. I have drawn these conclusions from what she has written and from the fact that she is an Islamist and also far left. I can defend my inferences but I could not quote Yaqoob on rabbit catching or short skirts - although she comes close to saying such things about 'decadent neo-liberal society' in her non-Birmingham Mail writings.

AD: “So you admit that you have completely made up her point of view on these issues - why should anything else you say about Salma Yaqoob (or indeed anything else) have any credibility?

I have defended you right to come on this board to ask pertinent questions about democratically elected politicians, and will continue to do so. You are also entitled to raise legitimate issues of concern about believers of any religion (or indeed none). But it is not acceptable to tell lies or invent opinions which others have not voiced. Take this as a warning.”

RSP: "What's with the sudden concern for hard-and-fast evidence? There are many, many examples on this forum where people make claims but who do not supply evidence. (For example, when criticising the EDL or supporting Yaqoob.) What do you mean by ‘evidence’ anyway? Where is the evidence that the EDL is 'racist' or 'fascist', for instance? Have you checked its website? In addition, I didn't say that Yaqoob had said anything about rabbit-catching, etc. I said 'probably'. It was an inference - a conjecture. What's wrong with that? This site is full of inference and conjecture. Or is this the wrong kind of such things?

So you have given me a 'warning'. I surprised you took so long. And I'm surprised I have been on this site for so long. No wonder people are joining the EDL and the BNP - the people on this site, and others like it, are pushing them towards these groups.

As for 'defending my right to come on this forum'. You defended my right to be the subject of insults and mindless bashing from all those many UAF and Yaqoob fans who seem to be on this site. Thanks! You also hoped that I would be destroyed on this site, which I haven't been. This is why some argue that the BNP should be on Question Time."

AD: "So many people will do this better than I, and I hope they will, but whereas your references to the above Paul? By starting your post along the lines of "Yaqoob should go back to Bradford" the points you raise whilst somewhat well argued smack of a pre-ordained antagonism and allegiance with nefarious organisations, whilst I appreciate the stirrers point of play the ball not the man, it doesn't apply to the tenet of Paul’s argument... Yaqoob bashing."

RSP: “My phrase ‘go back to Bradford’ wasn’t meant to be on the lines of ‘go back to where you come from’, or anything racist like that. I just meant that she’s from Bradford and that Bradford has more of a problem with Muslim-non-Muslim mono- or biculturalism than Birmingham.

I am not connected to any ‘nefarious organisations’. But if you want me to be, I will. As for ‘Yaqoob bashing’, I don’t know what to say to that.

What do you mean by ‘personal’? There was nothing in my post about Yaqoob’s private life, her physical appearance, etc. If you mean that such criticisms will personally affect her politically. Yes, I hope so. ‘Daft’ and ‘extreme’. It depends on whether you get all your information on Yaqoob from the Birmingham Post and Mail, Question Time. I get it from her own articles in Socialist Worker, the Respect website and the Guardian. The two pictures are very different. She’s a bit like Tariq ‘Two Faces’ Ramadam, the Islamic intellectual.

As for being a member of the BNP. How do you know that I’m not black? I may be Eddie Murphy’s English brother. Is there something in my posts that logically stops me from being black? Isn’t that a bit racist?

AG: "A lot of people would like to see the end of fox-hunting and (far) right wing culture. As for the other two, I have never seen any evidence that she wants either to end. Have you got any proof?"

RSP: "The aspects of 'white working-class culture' that Yaqoob would probably ban - if she could? Flying the Union Jack, Royalism, football chants, rabbit catching (perhaps), alcohol, short skirts, politically-incorrect comedy... the list would be endless! Trots have always secretly hated the white working class. Especially since it couldn't lead it to revolution. That's why it has gone to the Muslims and the Islamists. Perhaps they'll pull the revolution off instead."

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