Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Leftist Defends Shia Blood Rituals & Everything Islamic

How far has the Leftist (in this case HopeNot Hate) position of both defending and supporting Islam and Muslims gone? It’s gone all the way. As far as it could go short of these Leftists actually becoming Muslims. (Some of them already have become Muslims!)

This is a case of a Hope Not Hate supporter/member, Esther Angel, who not only defends a misogynist, supremacist, imperialist and racist (Arabocentric; and anti-black and anti-Jew) religion, Islam, but who now even defends Shia Muslim blood rituals and their eternal celebrations of ancient battles. In other words, she celebrates and supports things which if white people did them, in the UK or anywhere else, she would be severely critical of them. How do I know that? Because people like her, and no doubt Esther herself, have been critical of them and they still are today. But, again, only if white people do such things. (Esther Angel frequently posts on the Facebook page: "We Know How You Feel About Your So-Called Prophet".)
The other thing is that she’s probably an atheist – or was before Muslims came into her field of vision.  At one point, all Trotskyists and Communists were atheists and severely against all religions – “The opium of the people” and all that. All that changed. Why? Because many of the religious people in the UK now have brown skins. That changes everything. Now the Left is silent on that anti-religious aspect of Marxism and Leftism generally. Instead the Leftist "critique" of religion has been inverted – at least when it comes to a religion, Islam, that's mainly believed by people with a brown skin. 
The level of racism here is obvious and deep. What do you expect from people who overwhelmingly belong to a class, the Leftist middle class, which sees all Muslims as exotic and therefore automatically worth “celebrating” and patronising?

This woman, Esther Angel, is a profound racist. As much as a racist as any National Socialist. Her racism takes on two main forms. One: a positive or inverted racism in which she sees good - and only good - in the behaviour of brown Muslims and even in Islam itself. 
Positive racism is racism. If you only see only goodness in a people because they are not white (therefore by definition victims and people of a childlike status), then you are a racist. (Equivalent of “Blacks have soul”; “Blacks are good lovers.”)
Her other racism is towards whites, or, more usually and accurately, towards the white working class (except Leftist and politically-correct members of the working class). She denies them the sexism, the violence and the religion she only allows brown people (Muslims). She attacks them on all levels. She snorts and sneers at them frequently on Facebook pages. Her profound snobbery towards the white working class is equal to her profound positive racism towards all (brown) Muslims.
Of course Leftists will never see themselves as being racist. They programme themselves to believe that it’s literally impossible for them, being middle-class Leftists, to be racist. After all, they are not white working class. Or, alternatively, they are not middle-class people in suits and ties; such as UKIP leaders. And they don’t have skinheads or Hitler moustaches! Instead, they are hip. They go to gigs by Coldplay or Nathan Fake. They wear Che Guevara t-shirts and “simply adore black music”. How can such people be racist? Surely it’s impossible.

Anyway. This woman, Esther Angel, is a disgrace. A hypocrite. And a racist of the first order.
Some of what she says below is made up of quotes and cut-and-pastes from Islamic or Muslim sources. It’s hard to tell her stuff from the quotes because sometimes they merge into each other. In any case, the very fact she quotes and pastes such stuff shows us that she has an unquestioning faith in both their veracity and goodness. That’s not a surprise because the true authors of these words will have brown skin. Therefore, in her positive racism, she will believe every quote and every word as if it's the unadulterated truth. That's racism, folks.
Esther Angel: You are aware that "jihad" means struggle and as such does not imply violence…

All people are equal in Islam:

It is important to know that all innocent lives are equal in Islam. There is no difference between the rich and the poor, the man and the woman, the free and the slave. All are equal in the eyes of Allah Almighty:

Esther Angel:  What is the punishment for the Muslim who kills an innocent disbeliever?...

Esther Angel:  As we clearly above in Noble Verses 5:32 and 2:190, Allah Almighty prohibits the killing of any innocent person.”

Esther Angel:  How Is Ashurah Celebrated

The day of Ashura falls on the 10th day of the month of Muharram. The word ‘ashura’ literally means ten. The day is observed for different reasons and in different ways by the Sunnis and Shias. The Sunni Muslims observe the da...See More

Esther Angel:  Sayyed Nadeem Kazmi's quest to find out what devotion to Hussein means for those who participate in the ceremonies is documented in his film Ten Days. Here, he explains why he thinks Ashura is yet to be properly understood.”

Esther Angel:  Alan, the reason your videos do not show the women/girls in chains is because those videos only show the males' participation in the Ashura Festival. If you follow the link above then you will find three more images from the Ashura procession and re-enactment complete with the captions from credible sources. “

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