Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Leftist catechism: "Only whites can be racist."

“In a racist society it is white people who hold the power. Other groups are capable of displaying prejudice. When power and prejudice combine you have racism.”
 - the Leftist catechism about racism
That position on racism, or definition, is utterly Leftist. No one else would accept it. You have either been spoon-fed this Leftist definition, or you have willingly accepted it. Every single part of it can only be accepted if you have already accepted other Leftist theories beforehand.
Even if political power does have an impact on racism - it is still having an impact on something which exists regardless. The political power is additional to something which already exists - racism. That is, power can make racism worse or more severe. But the racism doesn't pop into existence because there is political power badly use or whatever. It already exists.
That statement comes across like a religious catechism.
Racism is...
It’s like:
Truth is...
I always thought that Marxism/Leftism was another religion - and so have many other people.
Racism is about race; not about who holds power. The addition of this is a Leftist invention - from top to bottom. No one need accept that racism has anything at all to do with who holds the power. You can only accept that if you are a automaton Leftist who accepts these directives from on high - or from the SWP-UAF Central Committee.
Every syllable of that diktat can be challenged.
Not all white people have political or social power, for a start. Millions upon millions of white people have not had political power. Indeed isn’t that what you Leftists have been trying to tell the working class for ages - before Leftists gave up on them and started to patronise Muslims instead?

*) The other thing about the wording of the Leftist catechism at the top is that there's an implication that a racist society exists before "white people hold the power". That is, there is a "a racist society"; then "white people hold the power". This appears to contradict what is said. But it's hard to tell because, like all religious catechisms, not much is actually said at all. It's believing it that really matters to the Leftist. 

Also, is it always "white people" who "hold the power" in racist societies? What if there are no white people in a society? Does that mean that no society without whites can be racist? It does! 

Basically, the diktat above is racist towards white people because it singles out white people as being the only race/colour capable of the moral and/or political crime/vice of racism. Thus this "anti-racist" diktat is racist!

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